For a highly engaging, hands on experience that hits multiple curriculum objectives, a Bush School incursion is a must.

Black Diamond Adventures is excited to deliver NSW’s first, and Australia’s only bush school incursion to your school.

For schools within 2 hours from our base, we offer a 1 day bush school incursion experience, delivered by our founder, Rob Mann, a former stockman.

This is a great complement to a food tech, history, geography and/or social studies programs where students can have a taste for bush camp life.

Read on for further details. To book, send us a message on our CONTACT page.

Taste of Australian culture, billy tea and bush scones
Bush school incursion camp oven cooking in a safe and hygienic environment
Stockman rob mann giving students a lesson on how to crack a stockwhip at a bush school incursion
young people become curious about our history at bush school incursion


In light of the current environment we are facing, this program allows your students to taste some of the skills that they would otherwise discover on a camp with us in the safe and hygienic environment within the boundaries of your school.

Our incursion will consist of a variety of uniquely Australian activities that run across (approximately) a 90 minute session. It is possible that we can run 4 x 90 minute sessions across a school day, with each session having a maximum of 25 students. The activities that your students will experience include:

  • Listening to the didgeridoo and learning about its history (boys schools, students can learn to play)
  • Cracking an Australian Stock Whip
  • Cooking Australian Bush Scones on a Camp Oven
  • Sipping on a billy tea
  • Discovering the importance of the pastoral industry, what life is like on a large cattle station, the role Indigenous people played & how pastoralists are adopting more sustainable practices.

Our Bush School serves 4 purposes:

  1. Meet multiple, cross-curriculum syllabus objectives, with a hands on experiences
  2. Inspire young people to become curious about our history and how that played a part in developing our Australian culture
  3. Develop practical skills and interests
  4. Learn about the lives of current Australians in the outback pastoral industry
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I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message.

– Steve Irwin –


Although Rob thoroughly enjoyed his youth growing up in the outer reaches of Sydney, it wasn’t until he randomly found himself on a gap year working on one of the countries most remote and largest properties that he realised he knew little, he realised his ignorance of Australia. Rob was in awe of the sheer size of the country, the people whose daily life resembled a scene from a country and western movie and the richness of the Aboriginal culture that is still alive and traditional. Returning to the east coast it became obvious that the majority of people who grew up like him also little to no knowledge about this side of Australia. Rob loves talking to people about his adventures through outback Australia.

As a result, the Bush School Incursion was first developed to expose more city and coastal dwellers to the reality of life for many Indigenous communities in the outback and those working on large pastoral leases. After delivering many camps where activities such as whip cracking, camp oven cooking and the didgeridoo’s were regular highlights for students, Rob was inspired to set up a program that would make these cultural activities accessible to a larger number of students. He felt he had a responsibility to show case the livelihoods of those who have evolved with this land for thousands of years and those who are considered by many to be the heart and soul of our country.

  • It is hoped that the incursion will inspire students in a number of ways:
  • Ignite curiosity to discover the truth and experience the oldest living culture on earth.
  • Understand that pastoralists today are using sustainable techniques to minimise environmental impact
  • Promote the pastoral industry and encourage young Australians to discover for themselves what lies beyond the Great Dividing Range!

For more information about traineeships and working on a a large station visit the Katherine Rural College Website