Inspiring leadership.

As with any organisation, culture and inspiring leadership starts at the top. The standards, values and environment that an organisation lives and work by are the standards that leaders enact – not what they note down on a piece of paper.

We fully support the importance of clear communication, safe, supportive and productive work environments.
Our culture, therefore is defined by 4 key pillars:

  1. Our People
  2. Conscious Leadership
  3. Authenticity
  4. Our Values
  • Inspiring leadership from black diamond staff includes responsibility for students, to keep participants safe
  • inspiring leadership culture means that we walk the talk that we embrace adventure


Our staff are incredibly important to us. As a company the product that we actually offer schools and other organisations is much more than an outdoor education program – it is the people who will be guiding and facilitating the program and delivering an exceptional learning and uplifting experience for all.

Thus, we invest in carefully choosing our staff, in developing them, in having a strong and stable team who embrace our values and culture. A team that delivers programs to the high standards we espouse.

Our staff have a tremendous responsibility – the trust of schools, parents and students – to keep participants safe – while delivering an exciting and challenging program that facilitates personal and collective growth in a myriad of ways. It takes skill, experience and a highly supportive workplace to make that happen. That is what we focus on at Black Diamond Adventures.

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Our Director, Rob Mann’s leadership philosophy has been strongly shaped by experiences of good and poor leadership.

“There is so much more to be gained from creating a positive working environment where you think about the spirit of the people working for you, and how you can guide them in a way that lifts them up, creates motivation, pride, and dedication – so they care deeply about the work they do, want to learn more, try harder and as a result, grow,” said Rob. “This is inspiring leadership.”

“So for me, I try and consciously model this behaviour and look to my staff to model this behaviour as well”.

“Underpinning all this though is the central theme that ‘I believe in my staff’, ‘I believe they have what it takes’ and as a leader I am
here to help support them, encourage them, respectfully challenge them and trust them. For me this is two way street.”

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It’s important to our culture that we walk the talk, that we embrace adventure, that we work on our mindsets and that we take on opportunities that challenge our comfort zones. We encourage our staff to take on new learning opportunities and challenges, to be curious, to be inclusive and to process what they are going through – They too must be conscious of the character they are developing.

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As an organisation and as people we uphold the following values and encourage all those who come in contact with Black Diamond Adventures to consider them as well.

Resourcefulness – Being resourceful is an important key to survival and adaptability in an ever changing, highly competitive world. It requires initiative, making the most of where you are with what you have.

Empowerment –We are into building people up and encouraging others. We are mindful that criticism crushes the spirit whereas praise and suggestions empower people. We are all about having a go and trying hard.

Australian Heritage – We value our Indigenous and Australian heritage and the Australian way of life. Our Australia heritage embodies the resilience and resourcefulness of the First Nation people, Australian stockmen, the Anzac Spirit, mateship and helping others in times of need or adversity. It also extends to the unique experiences that one can have in Australia that form part of our culture.

Outdoors – Where would we be without the outdoors? By being outdoors in the natural environment (land and waterways) we will learn to appreciate it, care for it, learn how to be safe in it, enjoy it and develop skills to thrive in it.

Adventure – Adventures provide some of the greatest learning opportunities of all and is something defined by your mind. The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is the attitude you chose to have. Adventure also drives curiosity, learning and innovation.

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You can only lead others where you yourself are willing to go

– Lachlan Mclean –
Inspiring leadership allows praise and suggestions to empower people
Our leadership is inspired by our Indigenous and Australian heritage and the Australian way of life
being outdoors in the natural environment we will learn to appreciate it, care for it, learn how to be safe in it, enjoy it and develops skills